There are many reasons you may wish to engage the services as a professional editor, including:

  • Businesses need reports, official memos, manuals, marketing copy, press notices, or other documents professionally proof-read or edited. Whatever the size of your business we can help you present the right image.
  • Authors needing proof-reading and editing of manuscripts (book, short story, play, or screenplay). We charge a fixed rate per page.
  • Professionals whose first language is not English. We will assist in ensuring that your documents are clearly written and grammatically correct. You provide the basis of what needs to be said and we will ensure the English is fully rounded and polished.
  • Edit web and advertising copy to ensure it is grammatically and syntactically correct.

The essence of our proof reading and editing services are that we correct any errors that may have inadvertently been included, both syntax and grammatical, we will highlight but not delete redundant text, fix problem sentences, and sharpen the vocabulary. We may even re-arrange sentences and paragraphs if necessary for the clarity of the material but at the same time we ensure your style shines through to the resulting product.

Works in full compliance with:

Other editing services include:

  • Preparing indexes
  • Editing and preparing eBooks
  • Layout and design assistance
  • Manuscript editing and preparation (fiction & non-fiction)
  • Magazine editing
  • Business reports
  • Web copy
  • We have some experience with self published books
  • High-quality editing on time and on budget