Content Creation

Publish High Quality, Relevant Content

The contents on every page of your site has a story to tell your visitors and it is important they have a good impression of your product, brand, and company. A well written and designed site encourages them to stay and dig further to see what you can do, it’s all a matter of impression. Firstly it is about attracting visitors, potential customers and converting them into a customer. But it should also be about helping your existing customer become a loyal friend and supporter of your business.
My ComputerIf you need content created for your web site, blog, or marketing campaign then we will work with you in order to get the content you need. We will agree the scope of all content in advance including:
  • Agreement to set the maximum number of hours used for research
  • Photographic material and images necessary
  • Podcasts, video
Our aim is to provide professional looking results, that maximise the impact of your content and enhance your image in the marketplace.
One of the challenges with content is that many businesses have limited staff and budgets so content creation is not professionally managed and quality often falls by the wayside or this task is left in the hands of marketing specialists who already have their plates full with other tasks. We craft professional content all the time so are geared up to assist you to succeed.
We will work with your existing web designers, to enhance what your website offers. Alternatively we can redesign the site from scratch.
All of the content we create focuses on the SEO needs for your brand and will help you be visible on the first page in relevant searches.

Product Descriptions

BrandingHow you manage you brands are vital to the success of your business. Whether creating a new product or upgrading an old one it is important to ensure that your descriptions are appropriate for your marketplace and will help you win customers.

Website Content

Your website is central to the success of your business in the modern world, it should be informative and connect you to the existing or potential customer. In the modern world it needs to be part of a dialogue, which involves Social Media and traditional media alike.  Use our content writing services to create your brand pages.
If you already have a website – it is creating the right buzz for your business? Too many sites have simple spelling, syntactical, or grammatical errors on them as they were not professionally written or edited. Our writers and editors will re-polish your site to give it a new look and feel with professionally written content. Be proud of your web site once again.

Blog Posts

Ink potBlog posts can be used as a centre-point for a conversation or perhaps spark a controversy in your field, but the goal is always to establish your site as a resource for the whole community.
We can help you keep your blog updated, creating professional posts that are designed to enhance your brand image that will be shared on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and others.

Other Material

In many industries e-books and white papers will enhance the power of your message, it is likely you already have much of the material needed, our writers and editors can help you create professional looking material and ensure your customers can see it in all the right places on your site.
We can also provide:
  • Press releases, focusing on consistency between all advertising media
  • Customer newsletters
  • Social Media interactions