Peter        Peter B. Giblett, the creator of GobbledeGoox, has been writing for most of his professional life. His origins are from the IT world, left school with plenty of intelligence, but no ability to spell – so it was clear the only profession open was the computer world. Needing to communicate more powerfully he swallowed a dictionary and taught himself English (well if the teachers could not do it there was only one person who could).

The spirit of GobbledeGoox  is about helping people improve their vocabulary, enhancing their word-craft and developing writing skills in the on-line world. Many of the articles provided here are based in the concept of training and enhancing writing skills, for example in how to build your blog, getting it noticed and developing a Social Media presence, but all are intended to help any writer grow their skills. The advice provided always shows the opinion, discoveries and perspective of the author and each reader will need to assimilate ideas into their own perspective in order to grow.

Everything published here is done in the spirit of helping fellow on-line bloggers or writers and empower them wherever possible to be more adventurous and take new paths. Over time we do hope to provide training courses on better blogging.

We also provide a number of web-based services for bloggers, small and medium sized businesses, if you need to contact us for assistance in creating or updating your web offerings then please do contact Peter through email.